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We offer computer support, contract computer support, business computer support, mobile computer repair, custom computer service, full computer service, in home computer repair, on site computer service, computer repair and upgrade.

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As a computer repair company with on site computer service and computer repair services with computer training to help you with one-on-one computer help and private computer tutors on networking, software, hardware, we offer new computer software transfers, internet, networks, setup email, computer backup, setup wireless network, and home network wiring.  Our local, computer support technicians offer networking tutorials, windows xp networking, networking two computers, and can setup a wireless network with high speed internet access.

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Get local on site computer support, wireless networks, hardware and software upgrades, email back ups and more! Our network of skilled computer professionals in your area want to assist you with your computer needs.

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Register with us to find this skilled computer help, service, and tutoring right in your local area. We match the skills you request to find the perfect IT help. Our providers will set-up your computer with email, Internet and wireless networking. We also support application software, data file transfers, anti-virus updates, backups, web design, web hosting, service, repair, and wiring all right inside your home or office.