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25 years experience at levels from technician to Director of Info Technology. Customer oriented; a happy customer is the best customer.
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Christopher R.
Location: San Angelo, TX
Phone: 1-800-798-0173
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Member since: October 2007
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Last Updated: February 2015

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Types of Support Offered:
Computer Setup, Networking, Email, Internet, etc., Application Software, Data Transfer, Anti-Virus, Backups, Service, External Devices (Printers, etc.), Wiring (Network, Speakers, Audio Visual, etc.),
Operating Systems:
Latest Windows OS, Linux, MS DOS, Unix, Windows 2000 Professional, Windows 2000 Server, Windows 95/98/ME, Windows NT Server, Windows NT Workstation, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Xp Home Edition, Windows Xp Professional,
CD Drives, Digital Cameras, Ethernet Cards, GotoMyPc, Harddrive - Changing, Harddrive - Data Recovery, HP ScanJet, Linux, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft FrontPage, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, Microsoft Word, PCMCIA Cards, Power Supplies, Print Servers, Printers, Routers, Samba, Service Hardware, Sound Cards, SQL Server, Transferring Data, Video Cards, Wireless Networking, Wireless Networks, Wiring Network, Wiring Peripherals,
Technical Solutions:
"After arriving on-site, I confirmed the connectivity issue, then traced and tested physical cabling. Testing ok, I then traced the circuit path, devices, router, switch, in an attempt to find a failing or misconfigured device. Worked with Ascend, provided circuit path and devices. Rebooted Sonicwall, removed Netgrear Switch, rebooted Linksys Router, confirmed activity on Cisco switch port. Used laptop to verify connectivity at wall jack at Sonicwall router. Provided IP information to Ascend to confirm Sonicwall settings and their VPN settings. Reconnected Ascend equipment, rebooted."
"After performing these steps the VPN was back up and running."
VPN down, no connectivity, DSL Cable down