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I worked as a bench tech for over a year fixing and building computers and also doing onsites including emergency repairs that had to be completed within an hour.
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Alexander G.
Location: Wichita , KS
Phone: 1-800-798-0173
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"Alex was very reliable, he was able to diagnose that only one server fan needed replacing. "
Nashville, TN
Posted on 5/26/2011

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Computer Setup, Networking, Email, Internet, etc., Backups, Service, External Devices (Printers, etc.), Application Software, Data Transfer, Anti-Virus, Wiring (Network, Speakers, Audio Visual, etc.), Create or Modify a Web Site,
Operating Systems:
Latest Windows OS, Windows 2000 Professional, Windows 2000 Server, Windows 95/98/ME, Windows NT Server, Windows NT Workstation, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Blackberry, MS DOS, Unix, Linux, Macintosh OS 9, Macintosh OS X, Windows Xp Home Edition, Windows Xp Professional, Windows CE, Windows Server Longhorn,
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Technical Solutions:
"Hard drive failure to do non/low power situation. Storms in the area caused power outages while the system was in operation. Switching from normal power to backup power via a generator caused a brown out condition on the hardware which lead to failure of the hard drive prematurely."
"Advised replacement of the UPS battery as it wasn't connected to the machine anymore. The installed drive, a Western Digital Black drive, has a 30% failure rate with the series. The hard drive failed because of the constant switching it was doing between the generator and the normal power source, but that series of HDD's *WILL* fail within a 2 year time frame. I would advise any consumer with that series (Wester Digital Caviar Black, Green) to backup data and replace with HDD from a different series. Was able to recover the data but with problems. This drive was in the beginning stages of failure. When these drives do completely fail, the platters will no longer spin and data recovery is impossible. It is imperative that those with these series of drives move the data to another physical disk as drive failure is at a very high rate."


"Computer slowdown due to lack of RAM. Installed was 2x256mb DDR2700 ram modules."
"Ram installed was inadequate for Windows XP Pro. Minimum recommended amount is 2GB, system had 512mb. Installed sticks of RAM, tested boot with POST and Windows XP boot. Post and Windows boot were fast and completed without error."


"Bios was giving "non system disk or disk error". Ran tests on hard drive, showed drive information but had a disk size of 0MB total space."
"HDD failure due to heat. The system is inside of a "cabinet" and has no air flow."