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Mostly knowledgeable with Microsoft products, although, becoming familiar with Apple. I have 5 years of troubleshooting experience with clients, servers, and printers. I am a US Veteran and can provide my resume upon request.
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Tiffany B.
Location: Riverside, IA
Phone: 1-800-798-0173
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Types of Support Offered:
Computer Setup, Networking, Email, Internet, etc., Application Software, Data Transfer, Anti-Virus, Wiring (Network, Speakers, Audio Visual, etc.), Backups, Service, External Devices (Printers, etc.), Create or Modify a Web Site,
Operating Systems:
Windows Xp Professional, Windows Server 2003, Latest Windows OS, Macintosh OS X, Windows 2000 Server, Windows Vista, Windows Xp Home Edition,
Adding Memory, CD Drives, DVD Drives, Ethernet Cards, FTP, McAfee Virus Scan, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Media Player, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, MSN messenger, Routers, SQL Server, Telnet, Video Cards, Visio, Wireless Networking, Wireless Networks, Wiring Audio Visual, Wiring Network,
Technical Solutions:
"Access point is not connecting to the Internet."
"Identified modem as a model 6519, which has a built-in wireless. Phone cable was plugged into the "phone" jack on the modem upon arrival. Help Desk had me move it the the "line" jack. Modem was still not connecting. Rebooted the modem to see if that would help. It still wouldn't connect. Tried using the phone jack on the other side of the room. That was successful and the modem was able to connect to the Internet. Help Desk asked that I leave modem there and to let staff know in case they would like to mount the modem in it's new location. I communicated this with hotel staff."
modem, wireless, jack

"Internet is not working. A new gateway has been ordered and this ticket is for the installation of the new gateway."
"Replaced the gateway as requested. Client was able to ping the new gateway. We tested one of the access points. I was able to get out on the WAN. Client had some trouble accessing one of the access points (#17). He stated that he will fax over a list of access points that are working and the ones to avoid. Fax will be sent to the hotel. Hotel will keep old gateway because it is their property. I have powered off old equipment."
gateway, ping, WAN, access point

"Wireless is not working and the hotel has been without it since the previous Saturday. "
"Troubleshooting steps: Unplugged DSL from modem and connected it back. Client was not able to connect. Unplugged server from power. Powered it back on. Still no success. Plugged server directly into the wall. Sill unsuccessful. Server is showing a red light. Client states that this is an alarm light. They are going to order another server and notify if they need an on-site tech to install. Issue is unresolved at this time due to the hardware order."
wi-fi, server, hardware