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2003 Telephone Computer Support Geek 2002 United Water On-site Support Technician 2001 Citibank Help Desk Contractor 2000 Worldcom Frame Relay Technician 1999 BoerneNet Internet Technical Support
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Terrence D.
Location: Abilene, TX
Phone: 435-565-2314
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Member since: May 2005
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Last Updated: July 2010

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Types of Support Offered:
General Search, Computer Setup, Networking, Email, Internet, etc., Wiring (Network, Speakers, Audio Visual, etc.), Application Software, Data Transfer, Anti-Virus,
Operating Systems:
MS DOS, Windows 2000 Professional, Windows 2000 Server, Windows 95/98/ME, Windows NT Server, Windows NT Workstation, Windows Xp Home Edition, Windows Xp Professional,
Act, Adding Memory, Adobe Acrobat, Digital Cameras, Ethernet Cards, Eudora, FTP, HTML, ICQ, ICQ chat client, IIS, Jasc Paint Shop Pro, Lotus 1-2-3, McAfee Virus Scan, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, Microsoft Word, Netscape Communicator, Norton AntiVirus, pcAnywhere, PCMCIA Cards, PKZip tools, Power Supplies, Printers, Quicken, Routers, Service Hardware, Telnet, Transferring Data, Video Cards, Windows Media Player, WinZip, Wireless Networking, Wireless Networks, Wiring Network, Wiring Peripherals, Word Perfect,