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8 years as full-time self-employed I.T. Professional.
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Byron C.
Location: San Antonio, TX
Phone: 435-565-2314
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"Technician resolved cabling issue on roof for the new access point and also cabling conflicts inside the electrical room. All equipment is currently online. Technician knew exactly what to do and was easy to work with. "
Atlanta, GA
Posted on 3/26/2012

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"Cabling, Amp, and Paging worked fine. The issue ended up being internet related. Issue was totally resolved. "
"Voxpop has multiple connection options. It kept rebooting to a configuration with an internet connection that does not exist, I selected the correct connection and the internet issue resolved itself. We did have to change the system date and update the player with the most recent music file. "


"Hard Drive and fan do not run when connected to motherboard. HD does spin when I power it independently. This indicates that the internal power supply or the motherboard or both are defective. "
"Either new parts or a new voxpop box is being shipped Saturday for delivery some time next week. I am working in Corpus Christi mid-week but can fit into my schedule around that job but need to know for certain when the package will arrive."
internal power supply or the motherboard or both are defective.

"Worked with David at Voxpop Help Desk. Spent a good deal of time with trial and error to diagnose and correct the problem. In the end, it was the communications card that controls the input and output for the Voxpop box that was defective. "
"I opened up the Voxpop box and and connected a 3.5mm audio cable directly to the input port inside the box. I cut off the other end of the cable and ran it through a hole on the box and then connected the common and one speaker wire to the AIPhone box. "


"Sound Issue: Original install was not done correctly. There was no 75 foot 3.5MM cable run to the Kiosk. Instead a short cable was run from the Amp to the big TV, and was not connected. As a substitute, the staff had been using cell phones to pump music through the Amp and to the store speakers. However this had stopped working some time back. I tested the Amp thoroughly. It powers on but it does not work at all. Video Issue: The Kiosk monitor was not installed properly and moved around fairly freely. I corrected this but then the monitor cursor arrow remained stuck in the lower left corner. I had to loosen it substantially to make it work. However the monitor touch interface does not operate correctly or accurately. Even after several calibrations it is very difficult to enter info to the kiosk and almost impossible to enter correctly. I tested monitor thoroughly and the touch tests show the monitor is sub-par at best."
"Sound Issue: New Amp and 75 foot 3.5mm cable is needed to correct the problem. Video Issue: New monitor is needed for the Kiosk."


"Touch Screen on Monitor was not functional."
"Replaced old monitor with new one that was shipped to site, Downloaded proper drivers, checked out with client. Will ship old monitor by FedEx."