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OBJECTIVE:       To find clients in my area and use my skills to provide computer support and training on a part time basis.


SPECALTY:         Computer setup and networking, wireless networks, automated backups, security, and software troubleshooting.  I work well training new computer users and am available for questions by telephone.




10/2000                   Imperion Intelligence Inc., Aliso Viejo, CA

4/2002                     IT Manager

Managed the Technical Services / Operations department of MIS. Directly responsible for setting standards, planning, purchasing, installing, upgrading and maintenance of the Windows NT/2000 Servers. Installed and configured Windows 2000 Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange Server 2000.  Recommended, planned and implemented the Windows 2000 Server upgrade for the 50 servers, 6-location company.  In conjunction with the server upgrade, installed a Microsoft ISA Server to protect them from hackers on the Internet.  Directly responsible for managing the company’s setups, to assure that the classes ran without problems.


11/1998                   Taco Bell Corp., Irvine, CA

10/2000                   Network Administrator / Telecom Specialist

Installed, configured, and maintained the companies Novell NetWare 4.11 Servers. Maintained and troubleshot the Windows NT 4.0 Servers. Responsible for conversion of the Novell Servers from 3.11 to Intranetware 4.11. Was part of a team that designed and developed the Helpdesk for efficient and timely assistance to the end-users. Developed a backup strategy for both the Novell and Windows NT Servers. Provided support for and maintained the Meridian SL-1 Phone Switch and Meridian Mail System. Installed, troubleshot, and provided end-user support for MS Office, Lotus Notes, Netsoft AS/400 Software, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Netscape, and various internet browsers.


3/1998                     Wonder Technologies Inc., Lake Forest, CA

10/1998                   MIS Administrator

Responsible for the purchasing, installation, configuration and ongoing maintenance of the company's computer, phone and voice mail system. Installed and maintained 2 Windows NT 4.0 Servers with 50 Windows 5/98/NT4.0 workstations both local and remote. Wrote the procedures for quality testing products as the company developed them. Responsible for the administration of both of the Windows NT Servers and the Microsoft Exchange Server in addition to all of the companies PC’s located on and off site. Administered a Toshiba Phone Switch and Voice Mail System.


1/1998                     Norcal Consulting Group, Irvine, CA

3/1998                     Consultant at Pentax Precision Instruments

Worked with a team to assure that the equipment sold by Pentax to Hospitals and Medical Offices was properly maintained and repaired in a timely fashion.  Traveled to many different locations to repair and/or replace defective equipment.


10/1997                   DNRC, Irvine, CA

12/1997                   Consultant at Coldwell Banker

Worked with a team on a 500 workstation rollout of Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Workstation and Microsoft Office.  Was directly responsible for over 200 of the workstations and printers during the rollout.


2/1995                     Virgin Interactive Entertainment, Irvine, CA

10/1997                   Senior Computer Technician

Responsible for hardware and software installation, configuration, and maintenance on PC and Macintosh workstations in a 250 node multi-platform environment. Installed, configured, and upgraded Windows 3.x, Windows 95, and Windows NT operating systems. Installed, troubleshot, and provided end-user support for MS Office, Office 95, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Netscape, and various internet browsers. Assisted in the administration of Novell 4.1 and Windows NT 4.0 file servers. Prepared, coordinated, and managed computer systems installations for trade shows. Performed Lotus cc: Mail post office administration. Administered an AT&T 75 telephone switch and AUDIX voice mail system.


1994 – 1996            Phillips Micro Software, Aliso Viejo, CA

                                Network Administrator

Provided internal and external technical support for modem software applications. Installed and supported hardware and software on DOS, Windows 3.x, and Windows 95 workstations connecting to the Novell 3.x file servers. Installed and maintained videoconference systems via ISDN lines. Responsible for the maintenance of the MITEL telephone switch and punch panel.




2002                        Net-Systems Computer Training Center

                                CCNA – (Expected 9/2002)


2000 – 2002            QuickStart Intelligence

                                Certification - Microsoft ISA Server, Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Administration


2000                        Nortel Training Center

                                Certification - Nortel Meridian 1 Phone Training

1997                        New Horizons Computer Learning Center

                                Certification - Microsoft Windows NT Server Administration, TCP/IP


1988                        Coastline Regional Occupational Program

                                Certification - Computer Repair to Component Level.