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Client Questions & Answers

What does ComputerAssistant.com do?
ComputerAssistant.com has offered On-Site (in your home or office) computer services nationwide for over 6 years. If you have a broadband internet connection we can offer remote computer support over the phone as well!

We can handle all your needs either over the phone OR by sending out a mobile computer technician to your location. Our specialty has been providing on-site computer experts that are matched to suit your needs and availability. Our telephone computer support technicians have the ability to access, diagnose and troubleshoot your computer using a broadband connection and can do it while speaking with you on the phone. If you call us, you can have confidence that we will get your computer fixed and issues addressed either over the phone or we’ll dispatch a certified technician to your location. We also offer emergency computer service and can fix most computer issues on the same day!

Can I bring my computer to your local computer repair shop?
No. don't have a local shop and don't reccomend this type of service because it often causes more problems than it solves. Some of our new clients say they fixed the wrong issue or a program that worked before no longer works or I don't have idea what they did and still don't know how to use that program or now I cannot print or send email.

We are prepared to fix your computer right where it is so when we finish it is configured to work properly in your location. And in most cases it is less expensive and without any travel fees!

How do I get support?
Basically, You either call us at 435-565-2314 or fill out the New Client Registration Page. Then open a new service request. We review your request over the phone and determine if we can help you online or if we need to dispatch a technician. We confirm the availability of qualified technicians for the job and collect a credit card deposit to cover the minimum requirement over the phone. Our representative will review the rates, availability, and skills of the technicians available in your area and assign the best available technician to the job. The technician will contact you to schedule the appointment and verify directions to your location. We review service reports and follow up to request feedback for our technician’s profile.

Do I need to register to open a service call?
Registering helps but if you call us we can register you over the phone. By registering you can also track all your service calls in one place and it saves you having to re-enter information with each new request. When returning to our site, you login by entering your e-mail address and your password. Here you can open new service requests, view the status of your existing requests, appointment schedules, trip reports, and view Field Service Reports completed by the technician on site.

Do you offer Nationwide IT Outsourcing in the USA and Canada?
If your office needs a remote task force of technicians we can help. As we have grown we have created a unique way to get a large number of jobs dispatched and serviced by qualified technicians. We have had business clients that have relied on us for over 5 years because we have account mangers that really care. They have the all tools they need to handle large projects and have all the experience they need to find qualified technicians. Our Account Managers possess many skills and have been promoted from customer service to allow them to focus on specific client needs. Their goal is to understand your business and can personally address issues when needed.

How much does it cost?
We will give you a quote over the phone and collect a deposit to cover the minimum period of time. Additional time is pro-rated by the additional minutes used and are billed to the same credit card after each trip.

Is there a cancellation penalty?
If your service requires us to travel to your location then there is a cancellation fee equal to 50% of the hourly rate or deposit. Jobs that require rescheduling less than 4 hours prior to appointment time are also charged a cancellation fee equal to 50% of the hourly rate. Jobs can be rescheduled without a fee if requested at least 4 hours prior to the appointment time. Jobs cancelled or rescheduled with less than 1 hours prior to the appointment time are billed for 1 hour of service.

Who sets up the appointment?
If your service requires us to travel to your location then after you get the email indicating the job has been assigned, the technician will get your information and contact you directly to set up the appointment. If you do not hear from the provider within 2 hours of assignment please call us or send us an email.

How do I know that the provider can handle the work I am requesting?
Our customer service representatives have a clear understanding of provider skills based on previous jobs they have performed for us. We also have the ability to reassign technicians at your request.

What if the technician does not show up for the appointment?
If the provider is late and fails to call, please call or send us an email to client.support@ComputerAssistant.com so that we can contact the technician to reschedule or reassign the appointment.

Can I hire your technician directly or pay them when they are on site?
No. Our providers have agreed to accept service calls and are paid by us. We have an agreement that requires them to be paid by us and are not allowed to solicit work directly from you. As our client you can expect better job performance and pricing if you allow us to manage your service requests. This also gives us the ability to replace your technician if if they are not performing to your expectations.

Is ComputerAssistant.com responsible for the actions of the technicians we assign?
Our field technicians are subcontracted to do the work you have requested. We use all our skills to place you with the most qualified ech available but cannot be responsible for their actions. We can promptly remove or replace a provider at any time but our fee structure cannot support this type of insurance. Our providers are all independent contractors and may work for other employers as well.