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Technician Questions & Answers

What is the purpose of this site?
ComputerAssistant.com is the Internet site dedicated to FULL SERVICE staffing for our clients nationwide with local providers of computer support, repair, service and training. By registering with us, we contact you to work for us when our clients need service and support in your area that you are qualified to perform.

What do I need to do to register?
When you register you enter your availability, contact information, rate, skills, the type of work you want, and how far you are willing to drive. You can also upload a picture and resume to make yourself really stand out. We will match your skills and availability with the needs of our clients and call you or send you email alerts on qualifying jobs that become available in your area.

Do I discuss rates with the client?
No. We have negotiated the rate with our client and our rate with you. This will only confuse our client and open discussions that will take you more time to complete your work.

How does the client pay?
The client has deposited money with us to pay for a portion of the requested support. Hourly jobs are charged with a 1 hour minimum and are prorated by the minute after that. Their balance is collected after we receive the signed Field Service Report (FSR) from you.

How do I get paid?
You are paid by us after we have received the Field Service Report (FSR) from you. Hourly jobs are paid with a 1 hour minimum and prorated by the minute after that. Please fax the FSR to the number at the bottom of the report. It must be signed by you and the client. A check is sent by US mail to the name and address you have posted in your profile. You will normally receive the check within 14 business days.

What if the client enters a billing dispute for my service?
In the case that client begins a billing dispute, your check may be held for up to 60 days or until the dispute is resolved and paid the client. We make all efforts to resolve client disputes as quickly as possible.

What if parts are required?
Please contact your ComputerAssistant representative prior to purchasing parts for instructions, approval, and reimbursement procedures.

Do I need to send in a W-9?
As your annual pay approaches $600 you will be required to send us the appropriate IRS forms so we can report your income prior to additional payment. You can fill out the appropriate form by selecting http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw9.pdf and faxing it to (435) 604-8184 with your signature.

Can I take the clients equipment off site for any reason?
No. We cannot track your hours worked and do not accept responsibility for clients equipment.

Do you give out my contact information?
We only provide your contact information to our clients that have requested to contact and hire you directly. This is not our normal procedure and you will be informed when this has occurred. This is typically done when our client needs to staff large jobs and has requested our permission to pay you directly.

Can I search for jobs on your site?
No. Our site is currently set up to help our clients find local providers of computer support. We do not post jobs because our clients need immediate support from technicians nationwide and have requested us to find them.

How will I know when a job becomes available?
You will receive an email alert requesting an hourly bid for the job and your availability. We evaluate your skills, availability and rate with other bids and usually award the job within 2 hours. Note: You may be called directly (sole sourced) if your profile is noted with good performance on previous jobs.

When do I know I have the job?
You will receive an email confirmation with a Field Service Report (FSR) attached. You must call the client with in 1 hour to schedule the appointment to meet the client the specified location. If you are not capable of handling the call (for any reason) you must contact us immediately so that we can assign it to another provider.

Will you inform me if another provider gets the job?
If another provider is assigned to service the call we will also let you know by email.

Do I need to contact the client if I am awarded the job?
Yes, please call the client with in 1 hour of receiving the award email unless specifically stated other wise in the email.

How much does it cost?
You may post you information in our database for free and we will contact you if a job becomes available in your area.

What is My Detail Page?
Your detail page contains the information the client may see while searching online. The client may request us to contact you specifically for the job. The client will not see any of your contact information while searching.

Can I specify who sees my personal photograph?
Yes, if you upload a photo from your computer you can allow potential clients to view your photograph while searching.

Is it worth adding a photograph?
Clients are more likely to request a provider they can recognize when they arrive on their first appointment.

What kind of photograph will you allow me to post on my profile?
You may display a passport-like photo that will allow your client to recognize you on your first visit. All other photos will be removed.

What if I become unavailable and do not want new jobs?
On your commitment page you may select "Inactive" if you do not wish to accept new jobs at this time. Your information will be stored and you may return to select "Active" when you are ready to accept new jobs.

Who can provide feedback?
When you are awarded a job, your account manager may provide input based on the information we get from our clients. The stars are automatically adjusted on your online profile to reflect the scores entered by the client. We review all text comments from clients and may post them on our homepage and your personal profile.

What questions are asked to affect each feedback score?
The client is asked the following questions determine your feedback scores. All of responses are averaged to get your overall rating.
Response Score: Were you contacted by the technician within an hour after assignment to confirm your the appointment?

Availability Score:

Was the technician available as expected to meet your needs?

Punctuality Score:

Was the technician on time for the appointment?

Communication Skills:

Was the technician able to clearly explain computer related issues, areas where they could help, and answer your questions in a way that you could understand?

Knowledge Score:

Do you feel the technician displayed adequate knowledge of the skills that they represented on their profile?

How do I get the best feedback scores?
To get the best scores you should discuss the feedback process with your account manager to make sure they are relaying any information we receive from our clients to your profile.

Can my clients post comments on my detail page?
When your client provides feedback, they may also comment on their experience with you. We will review each comment and post the comments that meet our guidelines on your detail page. You may request for us to remove any comments that you do not feel are appropriate by contacting us at p.support@computerassistant.com.