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Bruce G.

"We thought we had a virus issue, however tech Bruce quickly found the issue was with MS Office, and repaired it, now everything is working."
Location: Scottsdale, AZ

Carlos M.

"from out client the remote help desk....Kudos to Carlos…he was awesome today. It’s rare that I have someone on the other end of the phone who can keep up with me…and he went beyond that today. "
Location: Cave Creek, AZ

Marshal V.

"Great job, tech quickly removed the virus and got the email issues resolved."
Location: Dayton, OH

Danny C.

"Marcos did a great job for us. Resolved all the computer issues we requested and few others also."
Location: Ontario, CA

Mohammad I.

"Short notice on a Sunday. He performed well, was pleasant and knowledgeable."
Location: Nashville, TN

Isaac A.

"Tech quickly swapped out the monitor, was very professional."
Location: East Longmeadow, MA

Stephen L.

"Tech did a great job swapping out the kiosk touchscreen."
Location: Westbury, NY

Mohamed E.

"Tech swapped out the VGA extenders which fixed the issue. Great job."
Location: Gainesville, VA

Kevin G.

"Tech did a great job setting up the new office printers, got it done in time."
Location: Chicago, IL

Danny C.

"Tech quickly found the issue with the video feed not working, and repaired the digital marketing board."
Location: El Monte, CA

Carlos G.

"Great job, tech swapped out the monitor and made sure everything was working before he left."
Location: Fort Myers, FL

Remote L.

"Remote support tech quickly solved the issue we were having with PDFs."
Location: Council Bluffs, IA

Nathan G.

"Tech followed all instructions, great communication and follow through."
Location: Portland, OR

Lee F.

"Great job, tech worked with Help Desk to quickly troubleshoot the video issue."
Location: Altamonte Springs, FL

Omar E.

"Tech went out after hours and was able to resolve the Monitor issue."
Location: Haverhill, MA

Danny C.

"Tech effectively reset two iPads and set them up with our software to use in the store."
Location: Alhambra, CA

David B.

"Network tech ran new cable and tested good, thanks!"
Location: Shreveport, LA

Jacob B.

"Tech worked with our client, who is elderly, and did a great job setting up the PC and resolving all of her concerns."
Location: Lancaster, CA

Charles S.

"Tech installed new media TV and verified the correct content was playing. Great job!"
Location: Houston, TX

Chris M.

"Great job, tech quickly replaced all the tablets and touchscreen monitor in kiosk."
Location: Mount Pleasant, MI

David S.

"Tech was easy to work with and very knowledgeable. I would recommend using him again."
Location: Fort Walton Beach, FL

Marlon G.

"Tech ran a cable from office on first floor to second floor data closet, completed task fast and left the site in great condition. Everything is now working."
Location: Lubbock, TX

Yan N.

"Tech was on time and provided great support for our Help Desk team."
Location: Montreal, QC

Mehran N.

"Tech worked very quickly and checked in with me at each point of the install. I would definitely work with him again."
Location: Danville, VA

Jerry G.

"Very helpful and able to follow directions. He got one of the Aps back online that was somehow disconnected."
Location: Davenport, IA

Simon S.

"Tech swapped out MSM313 gateway, everything is now working, thanks!"
Location: Westchester, IL

Thomas F.

"Thomas was thorough and analyzed the situation well. He gave me tips to help with upcoming projects while completing this task."
Location: Santa Barbara, CA

Tony I.

"Tony checked in often with relevant information. Tech cast no fault on our notes in regard to the location of the restaurant AP nor the site’s misplacing the equipment. Worked with solutions in mind and despite a few obstacles, worked efficiently. Recommended for future work. "
Location: Sioux City, IA

Pearce S.

"Pearce did a great job and was knowledgeable to our system. I know he was held up by weather but he was very efficient in letting me know the problem and fixing the issue a hand."
Location: University Park, PA

Albert W.

"Albert was a very good technician. He was very knowledgeable in each step of the process, and required little to no assistance. He was proficient in networking, and setting up static IPs. Although each aspect of the job had roadblocks, he was able to move quickly through each one to complete the job. He did not complain about the job being difficult or taking longer than expected. I would highly recommend Albert for first choice in any future jobs in the area"
Location: Roland, OK

Kevin T.

"Upon his return to the site w/ all the necessary equipment, Kevin was able to complete all of the assigned tasks quickly and efficiently. He showed a thorough understanding of the necessary processes. I would recommend him for future assignments."
Location: Lansing, MI

Alex H.

"Alex was great to work with. He was extremely courteous, understood and followed directions very well, and quick with the job"
Location: Hurricane, WV

Gregory S.

". Greg was a superb technician who was very knowledgeable and attentive. He worked quickly and was very responsive. I would highly recommend him for future opportunities."
Location: Knoxville, TN

David N.

"He was courteous and listen to what I had to tell him."
Location: Binghamton, NY

Gil R.

"I was the tech from Broadband Hospitality that worked with Gil. Had a good experience and wanted to pass that along."
Location: Findley Lake, NY

Renee S.

"Client requests this technician be on their sites in the area. Very proficient on her skill set and makes sure all ducks are in a row "
Location: Madison, WI

Armando G.

"The new work station was set up quickly and the tech was able to get the printer to scan to the desktop. Thanks!"
Location: Monterey, CA

Gerard C.

"Just wanted to let you know that this tech, Gerard Campain, is a definite keeper. I’m still working with him on this case, but he’s been very helpful and knowledgeable."
Location: Toledo, OH

Tom L.

"Tom is great to work with. His skill set is very wide and great customer service!!!"
Location: Oklahoma City, OK

Peter M.

"Peter did work requested quickly and well"
Location: Denton, TX

Colin K.

"Work was done quickly and professionally "
Location: Lake Oswego, OR

Gil R.

"Hard drive was swapped out and files transferred all work done well"
Location: North East, PA

Duy N.

"Tech did a great job, worked with remote help desk to replace the hard drive in the data center -- tech was on time, professional, and is going to ship the old drives back to the vendor."
Location: Ashburn, VA

Jafar A.

"Jafar always does a great job for us!!"
Location: Monroeville, PA

Michael W.

"Mike is both knowledge in service and customer service. Enjoy having Mike onsite for service calls "
Location: Plantation Key, FL

Cody R.

"Cody did cable drops for medical facility site would request him to return if need service again"
Location: San Antonio, TX

Will W.

"Will is very professional both PR and skill set. Client requests Will on all their jobs."
Location: Atlanta, GA

Hewart L.

"Technician is great to work with. Arrives on time, well dressed does job well"
Location: Rockville Center, NY

John Z.

"John''s skill set is wide and varied. John is able to diagnose issues and resolve them."
Location: Scottsdale, AZ

Mike W.

"Tech set up training PC quickly -- first hard wired the PC then set up on Corp WiFi."
Location: Pittsburgh, PA