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Technical Solutions

Derek V.

"Computer not booting and had broken capacitors on the motherboard."
Replaced motherboard, booted up, tested and put back in service.

Replaced motherboard
(posted on 10/20/2015)

David R.

"Windows was taking forever to load. I ran a full diagnostics on the machine and I received a HDD failure message."
I open the PC and switched out the primary hdd with the secondary hdd. Booted up the computer successfully.

(posted on 02/20/2014)

Robert M.

"Touch Screen monitor needed replaced due to intermittent performance issues. "
TS was replaced on same mount that was there for the old monitor. The screen resolution needed reset and the Touch Screen needed calibrated as well. All completed and tested good.

Touch Screen, Monitor, Calibrate
(posted on 02/12/2014)

Douglas B.

"I installed the new WAP Router and performed wireless site survey. Pictures and results were sent directly to Mike at WIFIENT, and he released me from site."
There is wireless availability throughout the clubhouse and in all areas around the pool.

iStumbler,speedtest,wifient,linksys,wap,router,resident access,signal strength,pool
(posted on 02/18/2014)

Don C.

"Failed drop testing - Connected a Fluke LinkRunner to test the defective drop. test indicated that the 1-2 and 3-6 twisted pairs were shorted. Both the 4-5 and 7-8 twisted pairs indicated correct wiring with a length of 62 ft. Removed the wall connector to test the plug connections which were correct. Then tested the wire panel and patch cord at the main switch both were fine. Slow drop testing - Connected the Fluke LinkRunner to test the drop. Test indicted that the line was correct back to the switch, indicted that switch was 10/100 and that the line was only using 10% of bandwidth."
Failed drop test - tests indicate that the cable has a short in the 1-2 and 3-6 twisted pairs somewhere in the wall between the wall drop and the distribution panel at the switch. A new cable will need to be pulled if this drop is to be used.

(posted on 02/03/2014)

Jafar A.

"Arrived 9:45 am Tried to repair start up OS, didn't work, Called tech support and requested to return my phone back Ran diagnostic test on Hard drive, passed Tried to back up EU profile, failed. Re installed OS and drivers, called tech support and give remote access to the him. departure 12:15 Thanks"
Reload required with Windows 7 OS and drivers. Remote access given to help desk.

(posted on 01/21/2014)

Michael T.

"Touch Screen was not allowing anyone to select the items on the screen,, just make a bunch of noise.. "
Solutions; Replaced Monitor with new one, and calibrated with tech support. Kiosk is repaired.

(posted on 01/15/2014)

David S.

"Ethernet to Serial connection which connects our guest internet network to a Micros PMS tested. No connectivity at port #24. Tone cable from patch panel to front desk did not tone."
The front desk showed the wrong port was being used - corrected that; At the patch panel, the Nomadix 9 pin adaptor was bad - replaced that and resolved connectivity.

(posted on 01/21/2014)

Jafar A.

"Ran Dell Diagnostic test on HDD, passed, Repair windows by running check disk, fixed tech problem. I waited for HP printer Maint Kit to be delivered. Replaced Maint Kit and reset page count,"
System backed up and disk repaired.

(posted on 01/13/2014)

scott k.

"4 drops from 4 rooms to 1 controller room. Drop ceiling. Cleint requested drops be hidden in walks or use existing wall cover for cabling. Old cables still in rooms as well as furniture leaving little space for ladder and tools. "
Ran the drops close to walls in all bedrooms in drop ceiling to centralized spot in controller room. Cut a hole above drop ceiling to test if I could fish a wire . Cut hole in the bottom and ran wire down wall out cut out in 2 rooms. The other two rooms had wire covers that ran down the walls. I removed unneeded wires and placed then up in the ceiling, placing new wire in its place. Same in controller room. Turminated all ends. Test connections.

(posted on 01/10/2014)

Dan D.

"EU performed install before my arrival and chose to return the old parts himself."
Dell server service complete.

Dell Server
(posted on 12/19/2013)

Patrick J.

"Cable lock was in contact with the inside of UPS system causing the 120v current spike."
Removed cable lock from UPS system and fingerprint system functioning properly now. Spoke with Terry from support desk.

(posted on 12/16/2013)

Kelly P.

"POS not connecting to the server."
Checked all connections to hardware, cables tested good. Additional ticket may be needed to diagnose switch or server config. Some POS connections randomly dropping from to the server.

(posted on 12/09/2013)

Robert M.

"Network was offline from the internet. "
After troubleshooting COX cable modem, found it to be working with my laptop connected using DHCP. Connected to the router and still no internet. Connect to the routers management port and changed the setting for the router to DHCP at the direction of the Help desk and tested. Router and all PCs on the network now have internet access.

Router, DHCP, Internet Connectivity, Static IP
(posted on 12/10/2013)

Kevin W.

"Client's IT Department made networking changes the week of Thanksgiving. Firewall is now blocking internet connection. DNS resolution works fine but cannot ping or surf out to the internet. Matt with Ascend Clinical to contact NEA Baptist IT about creating required network access for SonicWall. "
Firewall preventing access to internet.

sonicwall, firewall, no internet, DNS
(posted on 11/27/2013)

Jafar A.

"Arrived 1:45pm called to check in with Jason, there was no updated IP address provided by customer. Jason asked me to stand by and waited for his call The MOD Larry, give me new IP addresses, Called back and spoke with another tech, tried to troubleshoot and configured to WAN lan."
Issue resolved.

(posted on 11/20/2013)

Jafar A.

"Set up remote access for client to resolve a software issue."
Software issue resolved.

(posted on 11/15/2013)

Jafar A.

"Replaced PC , swapped PCI card, Used USB enclosure , connected old drive to restored data."
PC replaced and configured.

(posted on 11/11/2013)

Tom S.

"1) Hard Drive Failure 2) Intel RAID Array couldn't operate"
1) Replace Hard Drive 2) Change configuration of SATA cables on motherboard 3) Rebuild Intel RAID Array 4) Test / Verify with Pharmacists

replace hard drive, rebuild intel RAID array
(posted on 11/04/2013)

Robert O.

"Nothing was wrong with the PC as I used my smartphone hotspot to access Internet with it. Had to locate the access point using InSSIDer application on my laptop. Discovered the access point in maintenance room in Rose Garden building. Powered it off and on. Workstation connected to Internet with no problems."
If it happens again, the access point (Netgear wireless router) needs to be power cycled.

(posted on 11/07/2013)

Tiffany B.

"Access point is not connecting to the Internet."
Identified modem as a model 6519, which has a built-in wireless. Phone cable was plugged into the "phone" jack on the modem upon arrival. Help Desk had me move it the the "line" jack. Modem was still not connecting. Rebooted the modem to see if that would help. It still wouldn't connect. Tried using the phone jack on the other side of the room. That was successful and the modem was able to connect to the Internet. Help Desk asked that I leave modem there and to let staff know in case they would like to mount the modem in it's new location. I communicated this with hotel staff.

modem, wireless, jack
(posted on 10/31/2013)

Bradley W.

"ran test. printed witj option for bond paper and ghost letters virtially disappeared. printed cleaning page and print wuality improved again. however not 100% "
pls order maintenence kit. printer needs maint kit

(posted on 10/25/2013)

Christopher R.

"After arriving on-site, I confirmed the connectivity issue, then traced and tested physical cabling. Testing ok, I then traced the circuit path, devices, router, switch, in an attempt to find a failing or misconfigured device. Worked with Ascend, provided circuit path and devices. Rebooted Sonicwall, removed Netgrear Switch, rebooted Linksys Router, confirmed activity on Cisco switch port. Used laptop to verify connectivity at wall jack at Sonicwall router. Provided IP information to Ascend to confirm Sonicwall settings and their VPN settings. Reconnected Ascend equipment, rebooted."
After performing these steps the VPN was back up and running.

VPN down, no connectivity, DSL Cable down
(posted on 10/15/2013)

Josh S.

"Attempted to setup for new isp, however customer was missing equipment, worked with customer to prepare network for when router and switch arrive."
Site ready for new equipment upon arrival.

(posted on 10/15/2013)

Adam K.

"Kiosk wait list was not displaying on the TV. Found sending unit had been unplugged from network keystone."
Plugged in network cable from sending unit to keystone and verified wait list displaying as expected.

(posted on 10/07/2013)

Jafar A.

"1st visit (0ne hours)set up a PC in manager room. Bill, Tech support asked me to connect monitor into pc. PC has only DVI video port, there was no monitor with DVI port in manager room. I was asked to moved pc in patient room to connect to monitor with DVI capability. Set up PC in that room . 2nd visit (one hour) Placed back PC into manager room and connected to network cable into switch . Tech support is able to see pc in in the network remotely Thanks"
Computer set up and able to access it remotely.

(posted on 10/02/2013)

Russell K.

"Client experiencing access point outages at 2 locations. Thinking it was a switch issue, we've replaced switch on site to find that it did not fully resolve the issue."
1st store, trouble shoot bad cat 5 drop, re-terminate on both ends, still shows bad. Use Access point 1 drop to install new antenna as it tested good when plug into access point 2. 2nd store- reboot wireless box, that fixed access point 1 and 3, 4 was already working. Tone and test access point 2, re-seat RJ 45 connection at access point. Now working.

access point, cat 5, RJ45
(posted on 09/27/2013)

Computer P.

"Medical dispenser PC diagnosed by vendor support as having 1 bad HDD in a 2 drive RAID array. Cust tried to add single drive but had size mismatch issue. Vendor to send replacement PC."
Remove and replace med dispenser PC. Calibrate touch screen. Verify operation with vendor support.

Replace computer.
(posted on 09/19/2013)

Jafar A.

"Remote help desk needs technician on site @ local hotel to be hands and eyes to upgrade hotel guests internet server. You will work with the help desk to install and mount new server, test guest connection as well as remove and box up old server to be shipped back to client, confirm all working properly with help desk and any additional troubleshooting needed by remote help desk and confirm all works."
Arrived on site @ 5 pm Replaced Guest server and connected all cables and performed troubleshooting. I worked with remote tech support Edi, He released me from the site @ 8 pm Thanks

(posted on 09/19/2013)

Cody R.

"This site was completed on date required. I was able to get all four drops installed but there were a few delays. The biggest delay we discovered was the building infrastructure. There were no drop ceilings and the attic space was small. This is the only delay worth noting other delays were caused by staff and lack of knowledge from the end user for where to put the new drops. They scheduled for someone to be there, to give breif descriptionbut, the peron did not make it in to work on day of cable installation and the doctor was very helpful when he was not with patients. "
Work order complete. Materials used: 224' cable. 8 levition 4 pair modulators. 6 / 4 gang wall outlets for face plates. Rj 45s and all was labeled for future referrence.

(posted on 09/10/2013)

Robert M.

"Touchscreen/PC had Blue screen."
Replaced Touchscreen/PC, Mike configured it and tested it and I shipped the old one back.

Touchscreen/PC Med dispense
(posted on 09/09/2013)

Robert M.

"De-install of Kiosk."
Pretty cut and dry de-install of Kiosk. The only out of the ordinary work was cutting new ceiling tiles and puting them in and rerouting the electrical boxes where the TV mounts were in the ceiling. But that was looking Pro by the end of the day. Other than that all wen well and everyone was happy!

Kiosk, Electrical, Ceiling Tiles, De-install
(posted on 08/19/2013)

Jafar A.

"Site has HP 9800 that is not printing. The instant you try and print something the printer shows offline and won’t print. Clearing the print que requires a restart each time. The drivers for the printer and install files are on D&H, ask for Marie Joe she will know where the printer is. Technician needed on site to determine if this is a hardware issue, if the printer is simply dead or if onsite re-install will correct no printing issue."
11:30 am Arrived on site 305 Mount Lebanon Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA 15234-1504 Find out that printer is in different location and address. 320 E North Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15212-4756 I was told that printer is not printing and off line. I checked printer and and performed print cleaned up and calibration and printed fine. later on find out that the the other pc is not able to connected to the shared printer to print. Re-connected printer map driver and set up printer in the third party programs and resumed working. total hours on site and traveling between sites = 2 hours and 30 min. Thanks

(posted on 08/30/2013)

Shannon B.

"No problem found. Office personnel report that the whole office was having problems with shared drives, etc-corporate intranet type connections the day before. This laptop was the last to connect."
Could not duplicate problem. verified shared drives working. Verified Great plains rdp session to login screeen. Verified email to the password prompt (outlook) Verified Brosix (chat) app works. Cleared per Brian via text message.

(posted on 08/27/2013)

Jafar A.

"Reload an XP workstation"
Arrived on site @ 9:40 Depratured @ 11:35 Total hours 2 hours Reinstalled Operating system and its drivers Gave remote access to tech support, Bill release me from the site.

(posted on 08/23/2013)

Arthur A.

"Arrived on site 8/20/2013 8:45 AM as agrgeed w site. Added jack and attempted to remove possible faulty area of existing line. No connection. Replaced line to cart from switch. No connection. Moved new line to known good port on switch. No connection. Move cart to switch room . .connected direct to switch w 8' patch cable . . no link lights no connection. Move cart back to original location . . connected to ethernet connection at assessment area. Connected to network . . online w pharmacy. Investigation and troubleshooting revealed that the cart has no static IP address set in it and is set to get a dynamic address . . which is usually a connection issue. Level 2 support had no knowledge of what IP, DNS, or SUBNET to assign to cart."
When IP config was run while connected to assessment area, att.net came up as source . . location does not have AT&T . . . uses Windstream. IP address pinged as After over an hour of going back over all previously done troubleshooting measures, Sly advised Andy to run another source line to an additional switch to supply ethernet to cart. Site is using several 16 port Gigabit switches from NETGEAR.

(posted on 08/19/2013)

Arthur A.


(posted on 08/16/2013)

Tiffany B.

"Internet is not working. A new gateway has been ordered and this ticket is for the installation of the new gateway."
Replaced the gateway as requested. Client was able to ping the new gateway. We tested one of the access points. I was able to get out on the WAN. Client had some trouble accessing one of the access points (#17). He stated that he will fax over a list of access points that are working and the ones to avoid. Fax will be sent to the hotel. Hotel will keep old gateway because it is their property. I have powered off old equipment.

gateway, ping, WAN, access point
(posted on 08/15/2013)

Tiffany B.

"Wireless is not working and the hotel has been without it since the previous Saturday. "
Troubleshooting steps: Unplugged DSL from modem and connected it back. Client was not able to connect. Unplugged server from power. Powered it back on. Still no success. Plugged server directly into the wall. Sill unsuccessful. Server is showing a red light. Client states that this is an alarm light. They are going to order another server and notify if they need an on-site tech to install. Issue is unresolved at this time due to the hardware order.

wi-fi, server, hardware
(posted on 08/13/2013)

Matt L.

"Upon arrival bar code printer was not printing labels. My support contact advised me we were going to be connecting a Time Warner cable modem to SonicWall as a WAN failover connection."
Support advised me to reboot a hub at the nurses station to brng bar code printer back online. After reboot hub bar code printer was operational. After toning and tracing data drops back to network room I was to WAN failover connection would have to be completed at a later date after client's IT Department was consulted.

(posted on 08/12/2013)

Cody R.

"This site was completed in two visits. On visit one (8-6-13,) tech arrived onsite and called support. I was informed that the equipment had been shipped to the wrong site. Tech spoke to PM Al and we agreed to complete wiring for this location and then return on 8-8-13. Tech was able to complete this work order on visit two."
Install Sonic Firewall, Zebra printer, HP laserjet printer and DLink 100/1000 network switch

(posted on 08/05/2013)

Daniel H.

"hard drive failure on disk01 and OS curruption on disk 00"
I replaced the old pc and worked with John in bring it on line. I boxed up the old pc labeled it to be sent out on Monday. I left the old data drive on the secretary's desk with a note explaining what it is.

(posted on 08/08/2013)

Jafar A.

"A touch screen monitor needs to be installed."
Mounted a new monitor. Job Completed.

(posted on 08/03/2013)

Fernando L.

"I visited the site yesterday at 6 p.m. I did some diagnostics and found the tv and cable are ok. My laptop was connected to the peripherals and all worked fine. I am assuming the pc video card is the issue. When I connect it to the video card, it will work for about 2 minutes then it shuts down, if I disconnect and reconnect it will repeat such cycle."
Again, I am completely sure the problem is at the pc. Please send a video card with hdmi to replace.

Video Card, HDMI
(posted on 07/24/2013)

Jafar A.

"Windows was not able to launch. Removed SATA cable on 2nd hard drive and connected back."
It fixed the problem. Issue resolved client happy.

SATA cable
(posted on 07/28/2013)

Alexander G.

"Hard drive failure to do non/low power situation. Storms in the area caused power outages while the system was in operation. Switching from normal power to backup power via a generator caused a brown out condition on the hardware which lead to failure of the hard drive prematurely."
Advised replacement of the UPS battery as it wasn't connected to the machine anymore. The installed drive, a Western Digital Black drive, has a 30% failure rate with the series. The hard drive failed because of the constant switching it was doing between the generator and the normal power source, but that series of HDD's *WILL* fail within a 2 year time frame. I would advise any consumer with that series (Wester Digital Caviar Black, Green) to backup data and replace with HDD from a different series. Was able to recover the data but with problems. This drive was in the beginning stages of failure. When these drives do completely fail, the platters will no longer spin and data recovery is impossible. It is imperative that those with these series of drives move the data to another physical disk as drive failure is at a very high rate.

(posted on 07/25/2013)

Kimsan T.

"Replaced Monitor and mouse for customer. Tested by asking user to log in, launch application and perform application tasks."
Will need to replace monitor with touch screen.

(posted on 07/25/2013)

Jafar A.

"Local medical facility has PC on medicine dispensing cart that replacement PC needs installed."
I made 2 visits to the site in the same day. 1st visit 1:30-5:30 closed the call with 2nd visit to troubleshoot new pc. Job Complete. Client Happy

(posted on 07/16/2013)

Kirk H.

"HP Laserjet P3015 would not print upon arrival. Noticed non critical ink low error."
Upon resetting the device printing was restored. Customer satisfied with work.

(posted on 07/15/2013)

Abdullah A.

"Corrupted Windows 7 on a Dell XPS corporate laptop: The end-user had reported inconsistent web browser performance as one example: While networking seemed to maintain reliable connectivity throughout, the web browser successfully loaded its home page only some of the time, randomly failing at other times. To choose a repair method I first collected diagnostic data to verify the cause of the complaints. My comparison of Windows Application Log and System Logs revealed an overall pattern. Random software components (Microsoft .Net, installed databases and background services) logged errors referencing missing data. At the same time, the System errors logs recorded failures in some disk functions and accompanying (NTFS) file system corruption. One of the supportability strengths of Dell laptops is their built in pre-boot diagnostics. Running them confirmed that the hard drive had a fault condition, so a warranty replacement was ordered."
First cloning effort failed with a read error at 50% complete. I cloned just the Dell Diagnostic & Recovery partitions. Next was restoration using the Recovery partition, but Dell’s manual revealed this Recovery partition was an empty user option. Windows 7 “Custom Installation” was stalled by Setup’s inability to detect the primary hard drive after correct BIOS settings & storage drivers. This prompted a contract call to Dell Gold Support. Dell emailed a required foundational storage driver to enable Win 7 Installation. I retrieved the remaining required drivers directly onto the system using a private link they set up; completing Dell’s proprietary Win 7 installation. I attached the faulty hard drive; migrated key user & support desk folders; installed hardware drivers (display, networking, etc); upgraded the web browser & initiated 100 critical Microsoft updates. This allowed me to hand off the remaining tasks to our remote helpdesk.

Corrupted,Windows 7,Dell,diagnostic,System Logs,dot net,NTFS,cloning,Recovery,Custom Install,BIOS,partition,drivers,Gold Support
(posted on 06/24/2013)